H E L L O !

I am Julia, most at home behind a camera or a sewing machine. I love both, equally, having started my journey with each as a child. I believe in nonsense and whimsy. And the power of just because.

This little shop first opened in 2014 selling accessories I made with all kinds of cloth and has been the keeper of various things since.

After an offline hiatus, I will be sharing my creations in cloth here once more. They will be available only in limited releases.

H A R R I E T  P I N K

Harriet Pink is a cloth doll I made for my niece in 2015. She has been well loved. I hope the same for all my creations...

And I have always loved her name.


Just a little note, I know it probably goes without saying really, but...

My creations are all handmade with care, from patterns I draw myself. They are unique, each with their own character. I would recommended them only for older children and grown up children. Definitely not for small children (under 3) as they may have some small parts, hand stitching and occasionally wire.

I will let you know in the product details should any item be best suited to display rather than play, also noting what materials they have been created with.

If you have any questions, do please contact me!